About Us

We are a professional and a progressive company.

Our Vision

The Staffing Firm is dedicated to restoring the professionalism and usefulness the staffing industry was known for in the past. If you are a job seeker, you will get feedback on every position that you apply for so there is a minimal wait and wonder time. We always use our internal database to fill positions first.

If you are looking to hire, be assured that we will be asking you the correct questions about your requirements before any candidates are searched for. We would rather present a few excellent matches to you rather than bombard you with applicants that "sound like what you need".

Too many agencies are using recruiters who have little to no professional experience in the business world in an attempt to cut their costs. At the Staffing Firm, our staff are experienced professionals who have "been there-done that" and know what you really need in terms of the correct staff for the job.

Our expertise lies in the following fields but we are flexible and willing to try any fill - you pay nothing for our attempts!

Engineering, Oil and Gas, Medical, Automotive, Mechanical, Electrical, I.T. of all types, Administrative, Law, Records, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Telecommunications, Marine, Sales, Business development etc.


Now I see why using a firm is best! We have been trying to find a person like Sharon for 6 months.

That was fast and painless and at a good rate!

We looked at Ashwani and rejected him, Steve showed us what a great fit he really was.

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